Leisure stayson a suburban hillside in Wayanad

Country cottagesoverlooking splendid blue valley
Stay amidst greenTerraced tea slopes
Spell-binding viewsall around your cottage
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Tea Terrace offers a tranquil family stay on a quaint suburban hillside of Wayanad amid terraced tea gardens.

It is an experience you will treasure.

Tea Terrace is uniquely different.

Terraced Teascapes We've cared to get your tea experience perfect to the T with cottages set along the gentle slopes of a tea garden.
Spanish decor Arches and woodwork, rustic floors and ornate metal work, we've stayed true to our architectural inspiration.
Splendid valley The valley is so moody, at times clear and blue, sometime misty and vague and rarely though, gray and obscure.
Fort of hills The hills are integral to our terrain; they tower above like a fort. Rarely do you witness such coexistence of hills and valleys at one glance.

Packages: there's one for everyone.

Honeymoon. Family vacation. Extended family times. Whatever the occasion we have the right plans for you.

Work with us to create a vacation for your specific occation; one that'll stay with you well beyond your days at Tea Terrace.